Frequently asked questions

Depending on the manufacturer of the photovoltaic panels, the part that is shaded no longer produces electricity, the rest of the panels producing at maximum capacity.

Compared to sunny days, the panels do produce, but not at maximum capacity.

The best optimal inclination is at 30-45 degrees, SOUTH oriented

A cleaning process is indicated after a period of time, in the morning or evening, on cooler days or when they are not heated. They are easily cleaned with soap and water or with a water hose. Use materials that do not scratch the panels, and if it is too risky, it would be advisable to contact experienced people in this field. Dirt prevents their maximum yield.

The difference between the exported and the consumed quantity can be used a maximum of 24 months from the date of invoicing by the supplier. Check the legislation in force.

You can use the energy produced by the photovoltaic panels in real time. The export of surplus energy is not possible, being limited until the moment you become a prosumer.

By becoming a prosumer, the surplus electric power produced by the photovoltaic panels is exported to the national grid to which you are connected. You can use that exported-to-the-network surplus energy at night, on cloudy/rainy days and during winter when the panels no longer produce as much energy as in summer.

The inverter produces energy only if the system is connected to the electrical network. The panels produce energy, but it will not be able to be used because the inverter only works if it is connected to the electrical network.

It is a system that can work even without being connected to the electrical network. It has energy storage batteries. The energy produced during the day is used for own consumption and the surplus is stored in batteries. You can use this surplus during unfavorable weather periods or during the night.

The Off Grid system allows for several types of operations, inclusively when connected to the grid. When the panels do not produce enough energy, the difference will be made up for from the batteries or from the electrical network, as the case may be.

No, it can’t be done. This system stores the electricity produced by the photovoltaic panels in batteries and does not export to the national grid.

Yes it works. It uses a battery system to store the electricity and can work without the public grid.

The Hybrid system works like the ON GRID system and has extra batteries in which you can store the energy accumulated during the day. In addition, it protects you from power outages in case damages to the public network appear.

The energy produced in real time by the photovoltaic panels and what you have stored in the batteries is used by the consumer.

It is possible when you become a prosumer. You can use the surplus at night, on cloudy/rainy days, during winter or when the public network is not working.

You can export the surplus energy produced by the panels to the national grid and you can use it at night, on cloudy/rainy days and during winter or when the panels no longer produce as much energy.

Battery-based HYBRID systems can power the home’s consumption even in the event of a breakdown in the national electricity network.